Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hunington Beach

What a blast to take my two favorite people to my favorite beach! Bill and I have gone with my parents a few times before, but this was the first time with David. He LOVED being outside and played in the sand (after discovering it didn't taste very good!). He learned how to dig holes, bury his feet, and fill buckets. He wasn't too fond of the water coming up at his feet, but then again, the water was a little cold at first touch!

I included a lot of pictures because I just couldn't narrow them down!

Loving the sand and being outside!


Dandad with his boys

Dandad and Austin braved the waves!

The second cousins playing together!

Uncle Efrain riding a wave!

Cute Hayden!

Austin LOVED the water, the sand, playing in the sun... just about everything!

Dandad helping David get used to the water

Father and son LOVING the beach!

And that's it! We weren't there very long, but we had a blast! Next year will be quite an experience with a 6 month old in tow! Any suggestions???
Next up...more fun times at Grandma and Dandad's!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lake Arrowhead

We headed to Lake Arrowhead on Sunday. We went to the village to walk around and eat lunch at Papagayos. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and we were so thankful to get out of the heat for a day.

We tried to go to the Children's Museum (where I worked for 4 years through high school) but it had been replaced by a work out gym. I was more bummed than the boys were!

After lunch, we, of course, had to feed the ducks, as no trip to the village is complete without visiting the ducks!

Bill had been up there with me a few times, so it was surreal to now take David with us! I hope we are able to go up at least every few years in the future. Who knows, maybe we'll trade our time share week and be flat landers for a week at The North Bay Resort or Lake Arrowhead Chalets!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Granddad's 90th Birthday

We (my parents, David, Austin, Bill and I) piled into my parents' van on Friday morning with southern California as our desination. We were armed with toys, food and the much needed (and grateful for) DVD player. Our friends Andie and Lee lent us their 2 monitor player for the boys.

The boys did AWESOME in the car ride. We only stopped a couple times for gas or food and let the boys get out a run around (inside, of course, as it was 118 in Blythe on the way out!)

We stayed with my Aunt Judy and Uncle Efrain; excellent accomadations, of course! Saturday was the family and friend celebration of my Grandad's 90th birthday (my mom's dad). My cousin set up a photo studio in their living room, so those pictures will be posted later.

Here are some pictures of our first 2 days in CA, in no particular order!

This was David the whole day...walking everywhere. He napped for about an hour before the party and then was go, go, go...saying hi to everyone and making new friends! He was dressed in a very nice, but hot, shirt for most of the party; then just his undershirt; then only shorts! Everyone was jealous as we discovered the next day that my aunt and uncle's AC was going out during the party!

My nephews! Chris's sons Jake (14) and Austin (5)

David getting ready for the beach

My Grandad in his new Angel's jersey with my uncle Richard (second youngest) and my cousin Jonathan.

Granddad blowing out his candles! He's earned every year!

Not sure what this face is, but it made us laugh!

My cousin Audrey (cousin Mark's wife-due in about 3 weeks with boy #2) and my cousin (once removed) with her dad, David (my first cousin).


Granddad getting food (before he changed into the Angel's jersey)

Kisses for Grandma

Dandad eating breakfast with David and Austin

Our sleepy angel

We played Cities and Kights of Catan every night (but one) when we were there. It was great to play a more advanced version of the game, as Bill and I have Settlers of Catan (the first game in the series), and learn new strategies.

Steph and her cousin Hayden (both are my cousins' kids)

And that's all for the first couple of days in CA
Next up ... Lake Arrowhead, then the beach!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Our First Few Days of Vacation!

We arrived in AZ almost 2 weeks ago and have been going, going, going ever since! We've had a BLAST with Dandad and Grandma! And cousin Austin has quickly become David's new best friend (and vice versa!).

Dandad met us at the airport ... a wonderful surprise! (more on why later...) We have a video of David walking to Grandma, but we'll have to wait until we get home to post it! He went right to was awesome!
Chris, Eva and Austin came over the next day to hang out and have dinner with us. Austin has been waiting and waiting for his cousin to come visit. He has been so sweet to David: giving him kisses, telling us when David is about the fall or go up the stairs, and sharing all of his grandma toys!
Later last week, our friend Andie brought her boys, Shaun and Cody, over to play in the pool. Uncle Bill played with them while David played inside. It was just too hot for him outside. He's definately a Colorado boy!

Here's Shaun blasting the squirt gun at the patio cover to get the a ball off the top! The boy (man) is a genious!

Uncle Bill is sneaking an attack on Cody's lego guy!

Our always hungry boy is eating Grandma's yogurt!

Next up...our trip to CA!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Our Anniversary

Bill and I had the awesome privilege of spending our 2nd anniversary where we honeymooned: In Breckenridge, CO.  We were there for 3 days and loved every minute of it.  We went out for dinner on Tuesday (our anniversary) and for breakfast on Wednesday.  The rest of Wednesday was spent relaxing in the mountains.  I wasn't feeling well, so we just kicked back, took naps and read.  It was wonderful!  

This picture is from the night we went out!  It was the only picture we took!

Meanwhile, David spent 3 days with his Grandma and Papa!

They went to the mall and walked, although we're not sure who is taking who for a walk!

And they rested after yard work!

When we got back into town, I had a doctor's appointment.  So far, so good.  The heartbeat sounds strong (and fast...160!) and we're moving right along.  I'll have my first ultrasound the middle of August for my 20 week check.  We'll know more then, but not the sex!  We're going to be surprised again!

Monday, July 13, 2009

We are off...

We are off to Arizona for almost 3 weeks!



Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Zoo

I just downloaded pictures from our anniversary, and found some from the zoo a few weeks back.  OPPS!

We had a fun time, although it was hot and David wanted to be walking around everywhere.  

This picture just cracks me up!  We were waiting for the train and my boys decided to be gangsters!

And thanks to Grandma Joy and Dandad, we'll be able to enjoy the zoo all the time!

Friday, July 10, 2009

We have a walker

I just put together a video of David's first days of walking!  He's a pro now and looks like he's about to run.  Of course he still has the occasional (frequent!) fall!  But he gets right back up and does it all over again.  I now understand what parents mean when they talk about the little pitter patter of feet!  It always brings a smile to my face!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Peek a boo video

Just a quick, fun video!

Turn up the volume!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary to my Best Friend

Two years ago today we were standing before family and friends, committing our lives and hearts to love, honor, and cherish each other.  

A lot has happened in 2 years!  We moved in together, barely adjusted to life as a married couple and God brought us a very big (although tiny) surprise!  

We now have 1 beautiful little boy and another baby on the way.

But more than all of that, I am overwhelmed by the blessings God has given us.  He has provided for us in ways we couldn't even have imagined.  He has given us a home to live in, a church to help us grow, and has strengthened each of us to better serve the other.

I am honored to be your wife, the mother of your children and your best friend!

Here's to another 2 years full of love, laughter and the blessings we are sure to receive from our God!

I love you!