Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bronco Bear Fun

Last Christmas, Bill's parents gave David a bear from Build-A-Bear with a Bronco uniform. For some reason, he has really taken to it in the last few weeks (must be the start of the NFL season!). He LOVES playing with it in his crib when he wakes up in the morning and after his nap. When we go in to get him, he stands up, puts his arms up to show football and points to his Bronco Bear! He cries if we get him out of the crib before he has had ample time to play!

He likes taking the helmet off and asks for help to put it back on.

Happy boy! He wakes up in the morning and after a nap in such a great mood! On the weekends, we will lay in bed listening to him through the monitor as he talks to his animals and tell stories. We just crack up!

Watching football with Daddy!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Homecoming Parade!

Yesterday, David and I went up to Bill's school to watch the homecoming parade! He had a BLAST! He was waving at everyone and clapping for them. Here are some pictures:

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bath Time, Belly, and Bullets

We're finally back. Kind of. Actually, we never went anywhere, I've just needed more rest during the day and have opted out of blogging and in to rest and sleep. I don't nap everyday, but I've found if I don't take at least a few moments to myself during David's nap, my day is long and I'm wiped out by the time Bill gets home.

Here's the fun we've been having the last few weeks:

BATH TIME - still David's favorite time of the day. He's now taken to standing and feeling the water come out of the faucet. The only problem: The way our bath is set up, he either gets cold water coming out slowly or warm water coming out too fast to play with! He cracks up when we splash him with cold water! I think the shock of the cold makes him laugh because he doesn't know what else to do!

He stands only with daddy. I don't feel strong enough, nor agile enough, to keep him from slipping!
Bubble baths are another favorite!

Just a happy boy!

WARNING: Belly pictures coming! Some of you have asked... here goes!

To answer your questions
1. Yes, I really am only 27 weeks along.
2. No, I'm not carrying twins (or more). At least not that the ultra sound showed nor in listening to the heart beat.
3. Yes, my belly button has popped. Evidently, our belly buttons are held in by our stomach muscles. Since mine were shot after having David and never really got back to normal (do they ever?), the belly button poked out early!

An update on our life:
*We are settling into a routine with Bill back to work at both jobs. He works from 7-3 at the school and does most of his youth stuff from home. He loves being able to hang out in the afternoons when David wakes up from his nap and be with us through dinner, bath time and bed time. He does youth prep stuff in the evenings after David goes to bed. Some nights are really late for him, but he's a trooper and so committed to his family. I fall in love with him more and more every day.

*As the picture shows, I'm getting quite large and slow! For the most part, I feel fine. I've had some trouble sleeping, but taking a Benadryl at night is helping. I'm so thankful David is such an easy kid!

*Bill's parents take David for the day every Thursday. They love the extended time with him and I'm loving the time to get things cleaned around the house and rest.

*David's new favorites:
Football: When he sees it on TV, he lifts his arms up to show "touchdown". My dad can't wait to watch football with him when they visit in October!
Modes of Transportation: Anything with wheels that move! He makes sounds for cars, trains, airplanes, tractors, you name it! When we read books now, he has an eye for these and will find them in the most obscure places!

*In an effort to prepare for 2 kids, David and I have been practicing walking holding hands into stores, church, anywhere we can! So far, there has only been one time that I've had to pick him up because he tried to run away. Today, Grandma Robbins had him and met me at a craft store to pick him up. He was walking holding her hand and I got to see what he looked like walking toward the store! He looked so little, yet so big! Our little boy is growing up!

That's all for now! We'll try to be more consistent in keeping everyone posted!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bathtime fun!

Turn up the volume for this video! He was drinking the water I gave him from the sink and then dumping it on himself... soon, dumping was more fun!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Little Man...

What a perfect joy it is to be the parents of a little wonder. We are just loving this stage with David. However, we've loved them all so far and can't pick our favorite! Here are the highlights of the last few days...

The first of many! David was running on the sidewalk and took a headfirst digger! He was fine and running again in no time!

He reads like this often. No wonder his legs have huge muscles!

We've made the move! David is now eating at the table like a big boy! He has Incredible Hulk and Iron Man placemats!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

From Last Saturday

Our church hosted a family fair last weekend with carnival style games, a bounce house and BBQ. Bill was up there all day, and David and I came up for a few hours. He had a blast and loved walking around everywhere.

A family from our church brought their sweetie golden retriever "Harley" and David just loved him!

He's learning to drink out of a cup, so when he sees a drink without a lid, he thinks it's fair game!

Straws are the same way...

His first attempt at the bounce house!

Not so sure of the cotton candy!

Fishing for ducks

It was a beautiful day!

My hot hubby...

We even had some friends from Arizona, who were visiting family in Colorado, stop by to play!
Here's Cody the frog!

And Shaun as Spiderman!

(short video of the highlights)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Summer Cleaning...

Bill's wonderful parents have been taking David on Thursdays to give me time to get things organized in our house, to get some rest, and because they just love hang out with him!

I took the day to reorganize our living room, mainly David's toys and books. He has more books than anything else, and not enough room to store them - as you can see from these two before pictures!

Really, I am making progress here!

The finished product! Bigger book case, more space for toys bins and Puppy gets to be right by the fan!

This morning, David had a blast playing in his new area... without needing to step on and over toys in the process!

With this comes our new desire to teach him to put things away before getting something else out. With much help, and not too much resistance, he did pretty well today! We have to start somewhere!