Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Update 1 of ? : Breckenridge, CO

Now that we have unpacked for our vacations this summer, Bill is back to work and we are settling into a routine, it's time to catch up on blogs!

We will begin at the beginning of summer and hopefully get everyone caught up soon!

We went to Breckenridge (in the mountains here in Colorado and also where we honeymooned!) with my parents and Bill's parents. Bill and I own at the timeshare we stayed at and my parents and his parents were able to trade their weeks for a week with us! So we had three separate rooms and were able to spend a ton of time together just hanging out on vacation.

Here are the highlights (in no order!)

Our smiley boy!
At one of the pools

David was falling asleep in his chair so Grandma Joy
took the opportunity to snuggle her boy!

I think we were waiting for the bus.
There was a shuttle bus that took us anywhere in town
and it was David's favorite part (that and the pool).
There was one day my parents had him
and they just stayed on the bus and
road around town!

We had to document everything...
including mom highlighting my hair!

I love this picture!

There was a kid's area downtown with a slide.
David had a blast!

Cute Grandma and Dandad
(aka Momma Joy and Daddy Dan!)

The whole group!

The best picture we could get of the four of us.
David is not into sitting still for pictures.
The boys are in their matching outfits from
Grandma Joy and Dandad!

The boys in the tub!

More matching shirts from my parents!
It's so fun to have them in sizes where we
can match!

Love it!

Grandma and David with Dandad's USC hat

Dandad and Liam

David and Papa checking out one of the other pools!

Dandad, Liam and I

Liam and I going for a walk!

One of the many great parts of driving to
our vacation spot is being able to bring
extra toys for the boys. We brought
David's train set, which Liam LOVES to watch
(and is starting grab for)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

3 years...

Three years ago today I married my best friend....

Today we have two precious boys and
couldn't be more blessed

Thank you for loving the boys and me unconditionally!

You are, and always will be,
my very best friend!