Thursday, August 21, 2008

Another Picture and a Video

David has been such a happy little guy lately...we are having a blast with him. Just trying to take in every moment and love on him as best as we can. He's 3 months old and 11 pounds now, so he's gained 7 pounds since birth. He's definitely making up for lost time! Since Bill works at a high school, we were spoiled (and more than that, BLESSED) to have all three of us together for David's first 3 months. We were able to bond as a family and tag team the sleepless nights. Bill has now gone back to work :( and although some days feel longer than others, David and I are settling into a routine.

Just wanted to share a few of our favorite moments!

David has a little blanket with a football in the middle. He loves to grab at the blanket and lick the football. This is true for most things...he licks anything that comes near his mouth!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Smiley, Happy Boy!

Bill took these pictures and video this weekend with our cell phone to send to Grandma and Dandad in Arizona. We thought the rest of you should see them also! We are having so much fun with him!

Our chunky monkey weighs almost 11 pounds and loves playing with anyone who will smile at him! He just started smiling when he's having fun...not just when smiled at!