Monday, November 15, 2010

Uncle Dan

Uncle Dan and Bill have been friends for over 15 years!
Dan come to Noah's (river rafting) when he was in Jr. High and Bill was a guide.
They have been friends ever since.
Bill used to hang out with Dan every Tuesday in his single days and now we visit as a family every couple of weeks.
When Dan found out that David had been born,
he wanted to come immediately and was one of David's first visitors.

The boys LOVE going over there, especially David.
He prays for his Uncle Dan to 'be happy and to not hurt'.
Liam gives him loves and smiles.
Uncle Bob is Dan's dad and is another of David's favorite people.
Dan has muscular dystrophy and hasn't been able to
get into his wheel chair for the last few months.
He loves watching the boys play on his bedroom floor
and hears all about cars, trains and helicopters from David.

Uncle Dan is a prayer warrior and has faithfully lifted our family up
since before Bill and I were married.

Please keep Uncle Dan and his family in your prayers.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, my love!

Today is Bill's birthday and
was complete with family
friends who are family
and silly boys with their BIG puppy!

We went to dinner with Bill's parents and some GREAT friends!
(Thanks for joining us Uncle Chuck, Aunt Colie, and Grandma Pat!)
We didn't get any pictures during dinner,
but when we got home,
the boys had a captive audience
and performed accordingly!!

Liam snuggling the big puppy!
Liam and Grandma

The big puppy was jumping out at David!
(with help from Daddy!)

That's our happy boy!

Liam and Papa
David named the big puppy, Kee-a
after his favorite dog, Keena!

I am so blessed to not only be married with 2 wonderful boys, but to be married to my best friend! Thank you, Bill, for being my perfect match and the best daddy our boys could need or want.


(I tried to post a video, but there was an error...I'll try next time)