Monday, October 25, 2010

Firefighter David

A few weeks ago, we went to an open house for a new fire house and training center. David, who loves all things rescue, was in HEAVEN! He was able to climb through the trucks and an ambulance, say hi to all the firefighters, and even see them put out a fire (although he wasn't too excited about all the smoke!)

Last year, we found a firefighter outfit for him at the thrift store. He wore it last year for Halloween and we're so excited it still fits for this year, especially since he's so into firefighting stuff these days!

Daddy and son walking around
Love this picture!
Checking out the big fire truck
In the ambulance
Checking something out!
He has the most BEAUTIFUL profile!
Love him!
On the front of the fire truck
Sitting on Daddy's shoulders waiting
for the fire to start
Liam had fun, too, in his fire shirt!
The burning room

The was at home with a fire hat Bill found at his school.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Summer Update 3 of 3!

We spent two wonderful (but very hot) weeks in Arizona and California with my parents!

Here are a BUNCH of pictures!

David LOVED watching Kung Fu Panda on Dandad's big screen!
This rocking chair was my grandma and granddad's. Now that my granddad is in an assisted living home, my mom and her siblings needed to sell his house. My mom really wanted their rocking chair and had always dreamed of rocking her grandkids in it! Here she is with her cuddler, Liam!
Dandad took David on a train ride in the mall! He was in HEAVEN!

My parents bought an inflatable pool for their boys. David and Liam had a blast!

While in California, we stayed at a time share in Palm Desert. When we were getting packed to leave, Liam fell asleep while cuddling his prayer bear!
My cousin Audrey came out with her boys to swim while we were at the time share. Here's Hayden and David wrestling Bill!
We went to the beach with my uncle Efrain and Aunt Judy, their granddaughter, Stephanie, my brother Rich, and my nephew Jacob (Chris's son)

We went up to Lake Arrowhead to check out some houses that Rich was looking at buying. We also got to spend some time at his house and the boys got to play with his dog, Berlin!

Oh yeah...and Austin came with us! Chris and Eva let him go with Grandma and Dandad for the week and although he missed them, he had such a great time!

We had a wonderful time and can't wait for next summer... :)

The count down parents will be here in 3 weeks!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Summer Update 2 of ???: June and July

The Zoo! We went to the zoo this summer as a family and had a FABULOUS time! David is at such a fun age to watch and laugh at the animals. These monkeys were his favorite!
And Liam was content just being outside and enjoying the ride!
Daddy and David on the train
Liam and I on the train

Fourth of July and Chuck and Nicole's

Liam really was enjoying his brother's kisses!
Trying to tow Lightening McQueen!
Such happy boys!

One more summer update...our trip to Arizona and California! Then back to real time!