Sunday, September 28, 2008

Helping with Laundry!

This was just too cute to pass up!  

While I was doing laundry on Friday before our weekend trips, I needed to carry the clothes and the baby up the stairs... What's a mom to do?

A Weekend Apart

This weekend was our first time apart since David was born.  Bill went to men's camp with our church and had a GREAT time getting to know the other men.  David and I went to the cabin to experience the fall colors.  It's a very short time when the leaves are changing color but haven't fallen yet.  This was the first time I was in the mountains to see this amazing sight.  

Since we drove up Friday night, we weren't able to take in the colors.  The next morning, I looked out the from the deck and saw this:

Later that day, Nicole and I went for a walk (with David and Keena, of course) and couldn't believe what we were seeing!  It was incredible.  The hillsides looked like they were on fire.  Every now and then, we'd see patches of green, patches of red and patches of gold all on the same hill, right next to each other.  It's amazing how some trees change and fall before others, even though they are exposed to the same climate.  God is amazing!

Here are some pictures from our walk:

David can't quite see over the top of the carrier, but LOVES looking around when we walk!  

Thank you, Hartogs, for having David and I up this weekend. I've now experienced the mountains and the cabin in all seasons and I can honestly say that I can't pick my favorite!  

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


David had his first taste of freedom Monday night! He's been tightly swaddled during the night since about 2 1/2 months. He spent most of Sunday night getting out of his 'miracle blanket' and woke himself up trying to do so! I came in Monday morning to find both of his arms out and one leg free. His swaddle was down around his knees and he was as happy as could be!

So we decided it was time to let him sleep free of any restraints. This may sound like a normal event for most, but David's sleep habits haven't been the greatest. He naps for about 30-45 minutes at a time (not swaddled). Needless to say, we were a bit worried that we would be up all night trying to get David to sleep longer than his normal time.

Our little man pleasantly surprised us! He slept just like he had when he was swaddled!

We checked on him before going to bed and this is what we found:

And just for perspective: The first picture is when we first brought him home. The second one was from this week. Same craddle...bigger kiddo!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


We know the day will come.  The day when David will want to dress himself, pick out his own clothes and tie his own shoes.  Someday he'll choose what he will eat, bring home friends we've never met and want to see a movie with friends and not us.  Although these days seem far off, they will come before we know it.


Little did we know his first step toward independence would be forced on him.  We, his parents who love that he is little and totally reliant on us, decided it was time for him to be on his own.

David spent his first night away from us since we brought him home.  No, he didn't stay with Grandma and Grandpa Robbins.

He spent the night in his own room for the first time.  Two flights of stairs away from mom and dad.  I cried when Bill carried his craddle out of our room.  Our safe, comfortable room where we can help him as soon as he needed it.

Bill and I watched a movie until midnight.  At 12:35 AM, Bill was playing Texas hold-em on his phone, I was mindlessly watching TV, and David was sound asleep in his bed.  He fell asleep just fine and only woke up around midnight because he was hot.  He then slept until 4, ate, and went back to sleep until 7:30.  A normal night for him; not for us.

I guess that's how it will be: We will have more turmoil than he will when he makes his own decisions.  We pray every night that God will show us how to raise him so he will want to love God.  We trust God will guide us each step of the way.  And He already has!

"And so we know and rely on the love God has for us.  God is love.  Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in him."

** Thanks Auntie Bess for the picture for David's room.  

Friday, September 19, 2008

Bath and Broncos

David outgrew his little bath sponge mat (and mom didn't wring all the water out one night, so it got a little moldy smelling!), so we busted out the Ducky bath!  He loves being able to sit up and kick in the water!

It's football season and thanks to Uncle Chuck and Aunt Nicole, David is ready!  When we were watching football last weekend, David would watch intently until we paused the game.  Then he would turn and look at us as if wondering what went wrong!

Monday, September 15, 2008

He Rolls!

Well... he 'rolled'!  David first rolled over when Grandma Joy was visiting and then again a few days later. He hasn't rolled over since, but we keep practicing!  The flashing star is from a play mat that he LOVES!  

Sunday, September 14, 2008

What About the Rest of the Family?

You get updates on David weekly. Here's what's happening with the rest of us:

Bill is working at a high school about 1.5 miles from our house. This is his third school year and he is really enjoying this year so far! He's always loved being with students and this gives him an opportunity to impact a campus by being available to them. Last year he had several students come to him for advice or just a listening ear. He is also in the hiring process with our church to be the youth pastor. They currently have a couple running the youth group as volunteers, but they are ready for someone to take over so they can lead under the pastor. It would be a part time position, with plans to go full time in a year or so. We will be receiving the offer this week and it will be voted on by the church in 2 weeks. Please pray for the church and us as we make this decision.

I (Donna) am an official stay-at-home mom and LOVING it! The first few weeks when Bill went back to work were difficult, but David and I are settling into a routine. It's so fun to see his daily discoveries. Bill just got a cell phone so I can now send pictures of our little guy right to him (I have been emailing them to him). This is the first time in 17 years that I haven't been 'working' (I know what I do is work, but you know what I mean!) other than summers off. Surprisingly, I don't miss it one bit! There are times I long for adult conversations, but all in all, I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Bill and I have been getting more involved at our church and are making some friends. There are 3 other couples who had there first baby this summer and one of those couples is in our Life Group Bible study. Our worship pastor and his wife are graciously GIVING us their son's clothes (he is about 5 months older than David) so we haven't bought any clothes for David since raiding the thrift store for preemie clothes and snow clothes (we can't wait for the snow to bundle David up and take pictures!).

The Robbins family:

Bill's parents are officially retired and LOVING their time with David. Bill Sr. is working part time at a local high school teaching driver's education. He's been busy getting their curriculum updated and puttin it on power point. Diana has time to be a grandma and cook again! Bill's sister, Alice, is in Poland and will be coming home for 2 months for a work vacation in November. She's very excited to meet David in person! In the mean time, we've been having fun video chatting with her.

The Bethel family:

My parents no longer work at the church they were at for 7 years. Dad is working for USAA (insurance/investments) and really enjoys it. He has a long commute, something he hasn't had to do since living in Lake Arrowhead and driving to Los Angeles every day, but he leaves his work at work. Mom is cleaning houses and loves being her own boss. They LOVE being able to have Austin over for swimming or fun at the park!

Chris, Eva and Austin are in Arizona (Jacob is in California with his mom-he's almost 14!). Chris is going to school full time and Eva does free lance computer graphics and web design. Austin is almost 5 and LOVES swimming. He's been busy diving for rings this summer!

Rich is living in Lake Arrowhead and working for Ontario Fire Department. He's been dating Shelby for about a year and she has a cutie son who loves Rich and can't wait to go to Grandma and Dandad's house!

The Bethel family, minus Jacob :( will be in Arizona at the end of October! We are very excited to get together for "Thanksgiving/Christmas in October"! Mom is hoping to be able to get a turkey that early!

Naked Babies are the Best!

Getting ready to sneeze

Grandma Pat's Birthday

We went to Grandma Pat's house for her birthday on August 2nd.  We had a great luau and David was loved on by more family!

David and Grandma Pat

Smiling away

Chuck's cousin's Ali and Sam had a great time 'lei-ing' David with love!

Grandma Joy Visits Again!

Grandma Joy came for another visit at the end of August.  She had a blast cuddling and talking with David.  He adored her, of course!

Thank you, Mom, for all you help while you were here!  We can't wait to visit you in October!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Help is on the Way...

We have a new computer on it's way and we couldn't be more excited! We ordered an iMac yesterday and should have it by next week. An added bonus: we get a free iPod Touch! (apple is giving away a free iPod nano or iPod touch with the purchase of any apple computer through Sept 15). So pictures and videos of our cute son are on there way!

Until then...

Monday, September 1, 2008

Picture Hiatus...kind of!

Bill and I have my dad's old laptop computer and are running very low on memory (could it be the hundreds of pictures and videos parents take of there first born...?)

We are in the process of getting a new computer (an Apple with a free IPOD!), but until then, we don't want to download any of the pictures we've taken over the last month out of fear that we will lose them all. For now, they are safer on the camera.

So for the next few weeks, pictures posted will be scarce and will be from my cell phone!

The Latest:

David weighs 12 lbs 9 ounces!

He laughed out loud on Saturday morning while playing in bed with us! It was the cutest little giggle! He now smiles and 'talks' to us all the time. We are loving every minute of it!

He rolled over from his tummy to his back while on the couch with Grandma Joy last Saturday morning and again just today!

He looks a little goofy here, but you can't beat those blue eyes!

Neither one could think of a better place to be!