Monday, June 23, 2008

Uncle Casey, Auntie Bess, and Cousin Bailey Visit

When Casey, Bethany, and Bailey lived in Arizona, they rented a house from my parents and were also great friends. They were very excited to see my mom and Bailey loves Grandma Joy!

Bailey did a GREAT job holding David!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Movie Star

If you've seen the movie 'Zoolander', you'll get this. If not, don't rent it, it may not be worth it! It's a goofy male model movie with Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson. If you haven't seen it, check out this picture before you look below at the picture of David:

We don't know why he does this, but it makes us laugh!


Kisses or hunger pains... we'll take the kisses!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Week of Milestones

David has had quite a week:
Monday: He turned one month old!

He is now into his newborn clothes because the preemie ones are too short for him. Of course, the newborn clothes are still huge on him width wise, but fit just fine length wise! The shorts (yes, those are shorts, not pants, we aren't encouraging the 'sagging' look) are preemie size and are huge in his waist and are too long. Oh well...they are just for show anyway!

Wednesday: "Should" have been his due date! He has gained 2 pounds 5 ounces since birth and now weighs a whooping 6 pounds, 8 ounces. He has gained 11 ounces since last Wednesday!

Friday: He turned 5 weeks old.
We bought a video camera a couple weeks ago and have been learning how to use it! Bill has been much better at it than me. Since David was up most of the night last night, Bill got him this morning and fed him so I could sleep a bit. I ended up sleeping until about noon! Thank you daddy! While I was sleeping, dad was having fun with the video camera. If you listen carefully, you'll be able to hear the airplane sounds from dad!

A Visit With Uncle Dr. Dan

Bill first met Dan Hayes in the early 90's when Bill worked at Noah's Ark (a white-water rafting company that also does hiking and rock climbing) and Dan was a Jr. Higher ready to take on the world. When Dan first arrived, Bill asked him what he wanted to do that weekend. Dan's response: EVERYTHING! Dan has a form of muscular dystrophy that left him wheelchair bound. This didn't stop Dan that weekend nor has it stopped him since. During this trip, Dan wanted to rappel down a 90 foot cliff. The other guides decided to fashion a harness that attached Dan to Bill so that the two of them could go down together. After an hour and a half, Bill and Dan were ready to go off the cliff. Dan's dad, Bob, was the youth pastor at the church and was able to rent a video camera in town and captured the whole thing on tape! Since this time, Bill has been friends with the entire Hayes family and hangs out with Dan on a weekly basis. Now that school is out, I've been able to join them more often.
Last summer, Dan gave the commencement speech at a Bible college graduation. He showed the video of his rock climbing experience (he also rafted that trip) and made it known that this was the moment he realized that he could accomplish anything: with the help of others and his determination, nothing stands in his way. Dan was given an honorary Doctorate degree at this graduation.
Dan is also a prayer warrior. We thank him for his DAILY prayers during my pregnancy and now for David. He is a true friend and brother and we look forward to many more Tuesdays together as he watches David grow!

Happy Father's Day!

Last Sunday was another one of our most precious moments with David as it was his and his daddy's first father's day! The proud pappa woke up smiling and is still as thrilled as can be! We went to church in the morning (Bill's parents came with us), then came home to some yummy lasagne made by Bill's mom. After lunch we just hung out and took naps! Our little man is a JOY.

3 Robbins generations.

Giving Daddy kisses!

Our family - yes, I felt as tired as I looked that day!

While growing up, Momma Joy used to make the Bethel kids heart shaped chocolate chip cookies for Valentine's Day. I decided to do the same for Father's Day with David's initials.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Grandma Joy Comes for a Visit!

Grandma Joy (Donna's mom) came June 10th for a 5 day visit to meet and cuddle with her newest grandson! Although this is her third grandson, she said it's like the first one every time! We were so thankful to have her here as she made meals for us to freeze, helped organize and sort through some boxes of 'stuff', and decorated our kitchen! But best of all, she hugged and kissed and cuddled David! We had a wonderful time and can't wait for her to come back. We are also anxiously waiting for Dandad's visit in July!
Here are some pictures of Grandma love (and one of three Bethel generations):

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Our First Family Outing

David was just 2 weeks old when we took him out with us for some drive time and a simple day on the town. We weren't in any hurry and had a WONDERFUL time as a family and it was a BEAUTIFUL day!

We started our day at our favorite thrift store. David may not know this yet, but he will spend many Saturday mornings there! Before I moved to Colorado, I told Bill that I would need to get some winter clothes. Little did I know that this was a challenge for Bill that brought a smile to his face. He is an expert at finding deals on really nice clothes and gear at thrift stores. I am now MORE than set for winter (although this past winter I wore more of his gear than mine because my belly didn't fit in mine!). David already has some snow suits for the next few winters and we picked up a really nice jacket for him on this trip! For less than a fraction of the original cost for these's well worth it!

We then went out for breakfast and our little trooper slept through the whole meal.

Here's a fun, humbling story: David needed to be changed when we got to the restaurant, so I grabbed a diaper, the wipes and travel changing pad from the diaper bag. Being the beautiful BOY that he is, he peed just as I was putting his new diaper on. He got his outfit all wet. So I just wrapped him in his blanket and had to wait to put a new outfit on him until we got to the car. I did bring and extra set of clothes, I just didn't bring it into the bathroom!

When we finished breakfast, we headed out to the car and laid David in the back of our Yukon to change him. As we unfolded his blanket, his arms went up and, well... you can check out his enjoyment of the sun on his body!! :)

We then went to the Apple store in search of a computer. We're not buying one yet, but know what we want!

We took in some Starbucks, while David had lunch!

It was a GREAT day and David is a great traveller!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

On Circumcision - From Dad

Circumcision. A term that makes most men cringe. A little over 2 weeks ago, on the eight day of David’s life outside of his mom, he was circumcised. Although we did not have the pomp and circumstances of the Old Testament ceremony (we were in the side room of the NICU with all the breast milk and baby supplies), I took some time earlier that day to look back at this ancient Jewish tradition in God's word.

Basically, before David’s birth I never really studied circumcision from a father’s point of view. I thought that circumcision was just a Jewish ceremonial thing, which I took part in and my son (if I would ever have one) would also take part in. I can honestly say I never believed I would ever have to make that decision. But then May 16, 2008 came and at 4:17 in the morning I saw my baby boy and now circumcision was a very real decision along with so much more.

As I fingered through my 20 year old NIV Study Bible I received from my parents as a graduation gift from high school (yes, 20 years ago) I found something that showed that this ceremonial act was truly relevant to our family. In chapter 17 of Genesis, God instructed Abraham to circumcise all of the males on the eight day after their birth. I always understood circumcision to be man’s act in response to following God. But as I read the passage something much deeper revealed itself. In verse 11 this act was the sign of the covenant that God made to Abraham earlier in chapter 15, with the smoking fire pot and the blazing torch (i.e. God) that passed through the line of dead animals signifying His oath, the Covenant to Abraham regarding the land he would inherit. Like the rainbow, this was something to remind the Jewish nation of God’s promise.

But on the flip side the New Testament doesn’t put circumcision in a very positive light. Look at how the Apostle Paul ripped on the Jewish Christians who were trying to make all of their non-Jewish Christian converts go through circumcision. (Ouch…I bet the Jewish Christians didn’t mention that during their “witnessing” time.) When circumcision was taken out of the context of “God’s promise” and turned into a “rite of passage” for old believers to weald over new believers, it lost its meaning.

So I came to the conclusion: when circumcision is looked at as “works” (something super spiritual) it means nothing. Paul says that in 1 Cor. 7: 17-24. God did everything regarding the covenant with Abraham. Circumcision is a sign in the flesh that every male Jew would see everyday (if they drink enough water) that God loved them and made a promise to Abraham. And in a similar way, it’s like salvation for the Christian. If we try to do works like baptism, tithing, and honorable living to earn our salvation they mean nothing. Jesus did everything needed. We just need to accept and believe.

Donna and I didn’t take this decision lightly nor did we deeply contemplate all the vast implications of circumcision. In a way, we kind of both knew David would be circumcised but now we both understand why this is a beautiful sign. So we held each other tight as our doctor performed the surgery and prayed that David would grow into a man after God’s own heart and that we would be faithful servants with this precious gift He has given us.

Okay, that’s a little too much depth for a baby blog site. David is doing great. He’s healing from the surgery, he’s peeing (sometimes on mommy and daddy when they change him) which is a better sign that he’s healing. He’s pooping and making all kinds of funny faces and noises while in the act, which is another healthy sign. And he is just a delight in our household. We are so blessed.
*All of these beautiful pictures of father and son were taken right after David's circumcision. We were able to hold him while he rested and recovered before taking him home for the first time.