Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

We spent a WONDERFUL day with Bill's family and the Hartogs. Bill's mom made a yummy lunch and then we played dominos before having dessert (homemade ice cream and Momma Joy's brownies!)
Bill and I arriving at lunch...

Bill and Chuck waiting patiently for the ladies to get their food!

Pat showing off our yummy lunch!

All of us eating lunch!

All of us playing Dominos while digesting. Bill's sister, Alice, called from Poland while we were playing so we all got to talk to her! It was great to share that time with her, we just wish she could have been with us!

...and of course, a picture of the ever-growing belly! We're feeling A LOT of baby kicks and punches lately, especially after I eat!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Knocked-up in Nashville!

February 28 - March 1

My best friend since high school, Laura, and I got to spend an incredible weekend together celebrating our newest adventure in life: PREGNANCY! She's due the middle of April and we are about 8 weeks behind her and Neil. It's been so fun going through this with her. We always joked about having kids at the same time, and now we are really doing it!! Here are some pictures from our trip!

Laura's husband, Neil, works for Big Idea (Veggie Tales, 321 Penguins) and had to work late on Friday, so we brought him dinner to the studio. While we were there, we met one of his co-workers who hooked us up with 2 Veggie Tales CDs, one of which he sang background vocals on! So our kids will be all set with Veggie music!

Since Neil works for 321 Penquins, we had to get a picture of us with the penguins

This one was for Bill! We found a Bob the Tomato Storm Trooper and couldn't pass up the photo op!

Before I left on Sunday, Laura, Neil and I went out for lunch. This was the extent of taking over Nashville for the weekend!

Laura and I had a GREAT time catching up and sharing stories of our wonderful hubbies, marriage, planning for our babies, reminising about high school days, and planning future vacations as our families grow!

Neil spent most of the weekend finishing our AMAZING wedding video! If you ever need anything on video, Neil's your man!

Thank you to our hubbies for understanding the need for a girls weekend!