Sunday, March 28, 2010

Snow Day! remember the zoo pictures?
Beautiful day

Yeah... welcome to Colorado!
The next night it snowed
and snowed
and snowed
More than a foot!
(thankfully, Bill had a snow day!)
Of course, it's almost gone now...
just in time for another storm tonight!

(These pictures are actually from a snow storm last weekend)

Bill found a fireplace 'shovel' under our deck.
David helped daddy shovel.

Cute lil tushy!

You can't see them,
but he has
Lightening McQueen snow boots!
(thank you Craig's list!)

He was crying because he hates the vacuum
and I had turned it on inside!

With all this snow,
enjoy the warm AZ sunshine!
Don't get me wrong...
I really do like the snow and
I love living in Colorado!
But with 2 kiddos,
cabin fever creeps up quickly!

We will be with Grandma and Dandad tomorrow!
Come back for more pictures next week!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Just Hanging at Home!

Today is a cold, going-to-snow-tonight day.
We went up to Bill's work and had lunch with him. We usually do it on Wednesdays, but because Wednesday was a snow day, the school treated today like a Wednesday and had a block schedule.

Both boys are napping and mom has some time to herself!

These were from earlier in the week:

Our camera has a remote control with it, so I decided to try to set up my own photo shoot... didn't work as well as I had hoped! Maybe it's time to use the free (or cheap) coupons for pictures from Sears, Wal-Mart or Target!

(I love Liam's look here ... 'what are you doing, brother?'

David's 'smile'!

This was the best. I put Liam on a blanket with his favorite light up sunshine. David came over and sat down next to his brother to 'help' him. He would shake the sunshine so it would light up and play music!

We leave for Arizona in 3 days! So excited!

Liam has slept through the night (7:30/8 to 8/8:30) for the last 2 nights! For the last month, he'd sleep through one night and then get up once the next night or 2 and then go back to not getting up! This is the first time he's done it twice in a row. Maybe we're on to something... :)

Loving the Outdoors

David has been LOVING playing outside! He's ready for spring (and so is his momma!)


Get ready, though... snow pictures are coming!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Grandma (was) in the House!

Grandma Joy came to visit us (and spoke at the mom's group I go to) last week. We had a FABULOUS time and can't wait to see her (and Dandad) again next week.

Grandma brought a couple new books for David and
he LOVED the one about a helicopter!

Liam loved the extra snuggles and cuddles!

And there was plenty of kissing to go around!

We can't wait to see you guys
in 4 days and a wake up!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Zoo!

We had BEAUTIFUL weather yesterday, so Bill's parents, the boys and I headed to the zoo! David had a blast walking around and watching the animals. He would even try to talk to some of them and tell us stories about them!

Here he is with Papa watching the elephants

He thought the monkeys were very funny!
(there's one over his left shoulder)

Liam loved riding forward and was awake most of the time!

He's about 32 inches tall!
He and Papa watching the brown bears
I can't remember what they were looking at... :)
And we rode the train!
David LOVES trains and was excited to get on...
We even got to ride right up front!
Grandma took this picture before the train departed
(she and Liam stayed with the stroller)
On our train trip!

Liam enjoyed his stay in the stroller...
He can come next time!
Besides the train, this was David's next favorite...
Forget the animals, give the boy a tractor anyday!


The boys are doing well today ...
David has been getting up earlier than normal and waking up a bit grumpy. Today he was happier, though!

Liam got up earlier than normal, but wasn't tired for his first nap. He only slept about 20 minutes, but then fell asleep eating! He's now awake and ready to eat again...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bath Pics - take 36

I know I post a lot of pictures from the bath, but my boys just love it there!

David helps us with Liam's bath and we can't wait for them to be able to bathe together.

These we taken when Liam was taking baths in the sink with his bath chair. His in too big for our sink, so we've started putting him in his chair in the bath tub. He's not big enough to hold his own with his brother, so they still bathe separately!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

What's New in the Nest!

I realize our updates are random, so I thought I'd give them all at once, get caught up, and then try to post more often! We're going to do this bullet style!

*Bill is working at the high school and the church. It's frustrating to be working 2 jobs, but he can do most of the church work from home, so he's home with us a lot. He's home by 3:30 every day but Wednesday and we have all day Saturday and Sunday afternoons together.

*I am on leadership for a mom's group at the church we got married at. Bill grew up there so I have some connections! I'm really enjoying getting to know the other moms and really look forward to taking a more active role in leadership next year. I'm in the process of planning our summer activities, so I'm learning more about where to take kids in Colorado!

*I'm getting back to the land of 'normalcy' (whatever and wherever that is!). Now that Liam is sleeping better, I've had the energy to get up earlier, shower and spend some time reading my Bible, praying, and reading a book called "Shepherding your Child's Heart". It's made my days much better! Next, I will add some exercise!

On to David...
*He makes us laugh everyday. Here are two examples:
This laundry basket now holds his 'big cars'.
Except for the times when he dumps them out and
plays with the basket instead of the cars!
Or like the time he wanted to play in Liam's cradle!
Bill helped him climb in and he sat there for awhile!
He had fun rocking it back and forth.
The kid has GREAT balance!

*He RUNS everywhere. We've been able to go on walks lately because the weather is warming up. Once we get to a quieter neighborhood, he gets out of the stroller and runs! He stops only to pick up sticks, rocks and leaves. They usually end up coming home with us... and I love it!

*We've stopped by the park on our way home from our walks. The last time we were there, David wasn't too sure on his feet, so he just walked around the playground. This time, however, he was all over it! He was up and down the stairs, sliding on his belly and bottom! It was so fun to see the difference 6 months made!
*He also loves his little brother. He often gives Liam kisses and likes to touch his nose and mouth. That may stop when Liam gets teeth!

He likes to make sure his brother is warm
by pouring water on him...or drinking it!

Liam's turn...

*He is growing like crazy! He's not yet 3 months old and is wearing 6-9, and some 12, month clothes! I have a feeling we will be starting solid foods earlier than 6 months! He rolls from his belly to his back , but often likes to stay on his belly and try to look around.
*He's got a smile that will melt your heart and big blue eyes!

*Liam was sleeping through the night for about a week, but lately he's been getting up once (sometimes twice if he wakes up when we are going to bed), eats and goes back to sleep. One night, I tried to rock the cradle to get him back to sleep. That only made him more upset. When I checked on him, I found that he had squirmed his way to one side and had his face up against the slats! I'd be upset too if I couldn't get away from that. So for the rest of the night, he slept on the changing table! I didn't have anywhere else to put him! The next day we put the changing table pad in his cradle, so he's back in his 'bed'!

*He takes 3 1-hour naps a day and will probably be ready to transition to 2 naps in the next few weeks. He can't stay up more than 2 hours at a time now, but often isn't tired at 8:00 for bed time. So he's in that in between stage!

*He is LOVING his play mat with the light up sun! He kicks and giggles at it. It's so fun to watch him get excited and it's wonderful to be able to leave him to play on his own so I can get meals ready or clean up a bit!

That's our family! We are BLESSED beyond words and are THOROUGHLY enjoying this time!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Every Thursday for the past 8 months or so, David has been going with his Grandma and Papa (Bill's parents) for the day. On warm days, they go to a park and play. Through the winter, they have been going to a mall to let David run around. These pictures were from a few Thursdays ago.

David, of course, has a blast with his Grandparents, and it gives me some time with just Liam and to run errands if I need to.

Last week, however, we just hung out and this is what I got to look at all day!

I love my life with my boys!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Too Quiet

A few days ago, Bill and I were talking downstairs. David was with us and then wandered upstairs. We knew he had gone up, but we know he is safe and probably just playing with his cars. After a few minutes, I told Bill is was much too quiet. As I came up the stairs, here's what I saw: