Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, David!

Happy Birthday, David!

We have such a fun week celebrating our little man.
Dandad and Grandma Joy came up for a visit
and the boys had a blast with them,
of course!

We had David's party on Saturday;
his first party with "all my friends"!
(Thank you, cousin Austin for Mater and Red!
Wish you could have been with us!)

On Monday (his actual birthday)
we went to the "green park"
and to the "new McDonalds"
with "all my family"
(Mom, Dad, Liam, Grandma and Papa, Grandma Joy and Dandad!)

More than anything, he wanted
"Happy Birthday balloons"!
We had such a fun couple of days with our boys
and our parents!
We are so blessed to have our kids
grow up with 2 sets of loving grandparents!