Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Love My Life

The boys and I went for a walk today in the
BEAUTIFUL Colorado sunshine.
The boys had a blast climbing the rocks
and playing on the playground.

I just love this kid!
We realized just last week that he
is no longer a toddler.
No, we have a full fledged little boy
on our hands.
And couldn't be more excited as he explores
his world and learns more and more
every day!

Our little snuggler
(who also happens to always be eating!)
Another discovery: He's not a baby anymore.
He's a walking, talking (trying anyway)
almost running little man!
He LOVES reading books
and can say 'tractor'
thanks to Grandma Joy!
He hugs anything soft
and says "ahhhh"
as he does it!
It's the sweetest thing ever!

I couldn't ask for anything more.
I love my husband who is my very best friend and
am so enjoying this time in the boys' life.
Thank you, Jesus, for blessing us!

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