Friday, April 1, 2011

Grandma and Dandad's "Just Because" Visit!

(I won't even try to catch up the last few we'll just start from here!)

Last week my parents came to visit and we had a WONDERFUL time! It was relaxing and they were able to just spend time with their 2 favorite little boys!!

Dandad took the boys for a train ride at the mall!

Liam at the zoo

Grandma and Dandad took the boys on a train ride at the zoo
(are we seeing a pattern!)

Grandma's punkin

Dandad's little man

Yes, we had to remind him more than once to not climb into the animal's home!

Grandma got a kick out of the boys in the "car cart"

I am so thankful my parents are able to come up every few months (or more often!) to be an intricate part of their grandsons' lives! David is already excited to see them again the middle of May for his birthday!

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Alice Robbins said...

Not only am I blessed with one of the GREATEST sisters-in-law, but you also have some of the GREATEST parents! You have no idea how sad it is to hear some of my teammate's stories of how disconnected "in-laws" are to nieces and nephews and we can do nothing here to fill that void. Although I LOVE/HATE being here, it gives me peace that God has brought not one, but three more into the family to bless and love on my family as I am away. He is so good!